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Lisa Hollingshead.

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Lisa has been working in the Film and Advertising  industry  out of Los Angeles for thirty years and has produced  Award Winning Films, TV Commercials and Music Videos.  She has filmed in Argentina, Chile, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Austria, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Australia and in  25 of the fifty United States.

Her clients have ranged from Nike, Adidas and Reebok to Mercedes Benz ,  Lamborghini and Mazerati to Guns and Roses and Madonna.  Her experience across the board in National and Global production is impressive.  View Lisa's CV 

Her goal of starting MFC was to take all of the invaluable lessons she has learned  over the years and condense them into delivering "big look" Film, Advertising Content , Still Photography and Branding for a price that is  reasonable for everyone's budget. 


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